Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fishing Report

Fish are moving and feeding heavily, gorging before the spawn.   Spinnerbaits, jigs, and deep suspending jerkbaits seem to be the bait of choice for anglers. Fish are moving up to warm surface waters and feeding on bait in the afternoons all over the lake especially the upper end. Try to fish points, flats, and dropoffs 4-12' deep, don't worry about structure, docks, etc. The fish are bright green where they have been in the shallows sunning. Big fish and good numbers the past several weeks.
Schools all over the lake, but the best are still up lake feeding on threadfin shad. Areas above the splits up to Christopher Run and Dillards bridge. They are sporadic, but patient anglers are catching fish. You will need to move around a bit as the schools are small and constantly moving. Fish are in all depths, however, the warm week has brought more to the surface chasing the bait. Sassy shads, Sea Shads, spoons and live bait all are producing fish.
As with all fish they too are moving into shallower waters. This is the time to get out and catch the big ones up to 2 lbs. They've fed and grown all winter and are gorging baits, preparing for the spawn. Schools are showing up around shallower structure 5-10', even shallower on sunny afternoons. Use 2" grubs, small and meduim minnows 1/8 or 1/4 oz spoons. Nice catches reported around mid lake.
Water temps upper 40’s to mid 50’s