Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fishing Report

McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Mid March Fishing Report/Forecast
Lake Anna, Va - With water temperatures currently ranging from 54 to nearly 60, fish in Lake Anna are getting ready to spawn and feeding heavily. Here's what you can expect on your next visit in the coming days and weeks.
Largemouth bass - We have had an incredible past four weeks with the bass averaging 15-20 pounds per morning with our best five fish. Swimbaits seem to be the bait of the pre-spawn so far with some fish also being caught on suspending jerkbaits (that pattern is coming to an end soon). Fishing the swimbaits right down the middle of mid lake coves and pockets off up lake spawning creeks (especially those with bait present) is where it's at now. 3-4" baits are best. 10-lb. Berkley X9 line is a good match to a 7' spinning rod. Soon you'll be able to catch fish on wood and willow grass using Ned rigs, Neko rigs, drop shots, soft plastic stickballs and soft plastic jerk baits. Dave's Tournament Tackle Tiger Shad spinnerbaits are also good on cloudy days or in the murkier and shallower up lake regions. I anticipate the spawn to occur the week of April 8. 
Striper/Wiper - Most fish will be caught in the up lake regions from the second bridges on up now. Scant rainfall has these areas of the lake clearer than normal and the fish are feeding before spawning. Use suspending jerk baits and swimbaits casted right to the banks. Get ready for a bite just as soon as your bait clears the first drop. You can also catch striper and wiper mid and down lake, but up lake is much better now.
Crappie - Some of the best fishing of the year is upon us. We produced three citations in one week recently. Fish in the extreme upper ends have moved shallow. Target them during the warmest part of the day for the best results. You can also target crappie mid lake around wood now - think beaver huts and brush piles (you did drop some this winter, right?). Down lake is not the place to catch a bunch of crappie. Use 2" Baby Shads on 1/32 oz. heads when you find fish on wood or pilings. Try minnows if they are deep or on the beds. A small crank bait or a 3" swimbait will catch some saddlebags if you find them feeding on shad.

Good luck. We'll see you on the water.