Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fishing Report


Lake Anna Fishing Forecast

   STRIPERS:  Stripers are schooling chasing baits to the surface early in the morning and on cloudy days then sounding to depths of 25 to 35 feet deep making live bait fishing and trolling very effective. Schools can be found from the Splits down to the dam in the main lake regions of the lake.
   Here are a few techniques to catch Stripers. Stripers will be chasing small bait fry to the surface advertising where they are making top water action the key in low light times of the day. Although the smaller Stripers are what you catch on the surface sometimes the larger fish are below the schoolies .  Baits like Zara Spooks , topwater Redfins,  plastic jerkbaits and spoons skipping across the surface will catch the breaking fish. Sea Shads and Sassy Shads may catch some of the suspending Stripers. Trolling can be very productive especially when the sun gets bright and the schools break up. The key to this method is to put your lures at the same depth the fish are holding. Use Manns Stretch 20, Deep Redfins, or DD-22's.   Another productive way to catch Stripers is to use live bait rigged on downlines presenting the baits at the exact depth that you see them on your Depth Finder. 

   BASS: The Bass are in their summer patterns and are predictable in their feeding habits. Early in the morning it is hard to beat working primary points nearby deep water with topwater baits [Spooks, Chuggars, Prop Baits , etc.]. Many Bass will school in the mouths of creeks on structures especially  humps and ledges where baitfish are present. Once the sun gets bright  Bass will retreat back to the depths using stumps, rock and brush piles, bridge pilings and ledges as cover. Use deep diving crankbaits, Carolina, Texas and Drop Shot rigs to catch these Bass. Throw a huge 9” inch Texas rigged worm into deep cover to catch fish that are pressured with conventional baits.      

    CRAPPIE: Most Crappie have moved to deeper water and are feeding heavily on 2 inch bait fry. Structures in 15 to 30 feet can hold schools and should be fished vertically using your depth finder to keep you on your target. Night fishing can be excellent for Crappie, find deep dock with lights on them for some summertime action.

Report furnished  by Lake Anna Striper Guide Service   540 967 3313

 Fish are off the beds, but they are staying in fairly shallow water gorging themselves with small bait and spawning blue gills. Now is the time to be throwing  poppers, buzzbaits or any type insect bait will work.  Bass are also chasing faster moving baits such as crankbaits, swimbaits, spinnerbaits and Senkos. This is a great time for suspending jerkbaits.   Fish areas close to structure and shade but stay off the main lake.
  Most of the fish have settled from the power plant  up past the splits to the bridges.   Fish shallow in low light, deeper in bright light.  Most fish will stay in the upper water column 5-12' early then move deeper in the afternoon.  Fish have been found as deep as 25'-30’ in some areas.  Sassy shad, sea shad, Capt Mack spoons, as well as live bait are producing many nice fish.  Trolling has also been effective, using rigs, Manns Stretch 20 and Cordell Redfins or DD-22.
Crappie  Their spawn is over, but bluegill/sunfish spawn is beginning.  Live worms and very small poppers will do the trick around boat docks and bulk heads.  Crappie are reschooling and moving to deeper structure and bridges.  Minnow and 2" grubs will produce some nice slabs.
Water temps in the upper 70’s to low 80’s

The first batch of spawner has finished as the females have pulled off the beds and are feeding heavily, especially down lake.   The males are staying in shallow water protecting the fry.  Fish aggressively covering lots of water from 2-10’ deep.  Suspending jerkbaits (hard or soft body) and slow sinking Spro swimbaits along with Senkos are working well.  Very good topwater action early and late in the day using buzzbaits  and poppers.  The upper end still has spawners so use creature type baits in spawning areas 3-12’ deep, hula grubs, baby brushhogs and crawfish.  Grass beds at the Splits and up lake in the North Anna have been producing some great catches.


Fish are still scattered all over the lake, but the best producing areas are from the splits to the bridges.  The upper lake spawn is over and the fish are moving back down.   Pull planner boards rigged with the largest live bait you can find over flats, points and humps in water less than 20 feet. As the water warms the fish will convert to smaller baits and also retreat to deeper flats where they will school in large numbers. Now is a good time to catch fish on top water (in low light conditions) on lures like Pencil Poppers, Redfins , Spooks and chuggars. Hit main lake points early and late in the day for explosive strikes. Trollers will start to catch more fish as the water warms later in the month.
CRAPPIE: Crappie are still spawning and in shallow brushpiles, but that will be over shortly.  Soon they will be heading for deeper waters 5-12’ Rock ledges, brush piles and bridge pilings will hold catchable fish. Crappie may not be as easy to catch when they were shallow but once you locate them they will be schooled in larger numbers. Traditional small jigs tipped with small tubes and grubs long with small and medium minnows work well.
Water temps upper 60 to low 70’s and rising fast.

McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report
Lake Anna, Va. - Water temperatures have risen to the magic 60-degree mark throughout Lake Anna and bass, crappie and striper all spawning. The shallow water bite is on and it's time to get ready for some of the biggest fish of the year. Here's what you can expect on your next visit.
Largemouth Bass - Anna's largemouths are moving to shallow wood in the mid and down lake region to spawn. You can try for them using soft plastic jerkbaits, shaky worms and wacky-rigged stickbaits. The bigger females will be nearby and will often hit the shaky worms or jigs fished slightly deeper. The hottest zone is from the 208 bridge down to the power plant. Don't fish "chocolate pudding" bottoms, but instead target the first third or middle third of coves with harder bottom substrate. You can also try buzzbaits and topwater poppers (really!) when you have some good shallow cover present. The fish in the up lake region won't spawn until early May, but you can still catch them using Tiger Shad spinnerbaits, Bandit crankbaits and jigs. Down lake bass are spawning on docks and stumps in coves like Valentines, Duke's and Fisherman's Cove. You might also check out the coves between Dike 1 and Dike 2.
Striper - Good live bait fishing is occurring in the region above Harris Bridge. The Sandbar region has fish feeding every morning now. Watch the remaining birds to show you the fish. Pull jumbo shiners or gizzard shad on side planers and free lines and you'll catch 'em. It's pretty easy. The same goes for the flats above Stubbs Bridge, the mouth of Terry's Run and the region above Henry's Point in the Pamunkey Branch. Lure fishing has been tricky. Large swimbaits and some suspending jerkbaits are your best bets fished right on the banks or in shallow water over humps and points.
Crappie - Some of the best fishing of the season is underway. Fish shallow wood, rocks and grass lines if you want the biggest slabs. This first spawn will go fast with fish already on grass lines and beaverhuts. Use 1-2" jigs on 1/32-oz. heads on six-pound test line if you like to cast. Slip bobbers and minnows in 2-4' are good, too. Hot zones are the top of the North Anna, the upper Pamunkey Branch and the upper portion of Terry's Run. Mid lake crappie are fewer but bigger if you can find them. Many citations are  being caught.
Fish are moving and feeding heavily, gorging before the spawn.   Spinnerbaits, jigs, and deep suspending jerkbaits seem to be the bait of choice for anglers. Fish are moving up to warm surface waters and feeding on bait in the afternoons all over the lake especially the upper end. Try to fish points, flats, and dropoffs 4-12' deep, don't worry about structure, docks, etc. The fish are bright green where they have been in the shallows sunning. Big fish and good numbers the past several weeks.
Schools all over the lake, but the best are still up lake feeding on threadfin shad. Areas above the splits up to Christopher Run and Dillards bridge. They are sporadic, but patient anglers are catching fish. You will need to move around a bit as the schools are small and constantly moving. Fish are in all depths, however, the warm week has brought more to the surface chasing the bait. Sassy shads, Sea Shads, spoons and live bait all are producing fish.
As with all fish they too are moving into shallower waters. This is the time to get out and catch the big ones up to 2 lbs. They've fed and grown all winter and are gorging baits, preparing for the spawn. Schools are showing up around shallower structure 5-10', even shallower on sunny afternoons. Use 2" grubs, small and meduim minnows 1/8 or 1/4 oz spoons. Nice catches reported around mid lake.
Water temps upper 40’s to mid 50’s