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Fishing Report



Overall the lake is about 2-3 weeks behind in temperature and spawning patterns.  Also the full moon is a bit earlier this year so more fish will spawn much later than normal.  Lake temps in the mid to upper 50’s.  When warm weather arrives conditions will change fast.


Now that the weather has changed and things are warming up the fish are moving and will move into shallower water. Due to the cold we are about 2-3 weeks behind schedule. Water temps are still in the 50's, s/b in the low to mid 60's. Fish are still fairly deep 10-15' but they are active and hitting a varity of baits. That means they are still feeding, readying for the spawn. Both ends seem to be better fishing than the middle. Fish creeks and coves from one end to the other, concentrating on stumps and past spawning areas. Now's the time for any crankbait, especially a suspending one. Deep suspending Rogues, Realis Spin Bait 80, or Bandit 300. Missle Bait Fuse, Craw, and Senkos are working well too.


Finally, fish are being caught on a more consistant basis. The most active fish are l up lake from the bridges and up. Many anglers are even fishing the extreme upper end (Terrys Run, Goldmine Creek areas). Sea Shads, Sassy Shads and spoons at varies depths depending on the time of day (mostly 8-15'). Fish can be anywhere and are moving constantly.


Fish are still deep, but will be moving shallow any day. Many fish being caught are showing signs of good egg development. Not many big citation fish yet.  Minnows and 2" grubs in 12-18’ brush or bridgepilings.


Late March


The upper and lower ends are producing the most fish right now.  Spinnerbaits, jigs, and deep suspending jerkbaits seem to be the bait of choice for anglers. Some fish are moving up to warm surface waters and feeding on bait in the afternoons, however because of the colder than normal weather most have been staying deep. Tr y to fish points, flats, and dropoffs 8-15’ deep, don't worry about structure, docks, etc. Big fish and good numbers 4 fish over 5 lbs; 2 over 6 lbs and one 7 lb


Schools all over the lake, but just like the bass the best areas are the upper and ower ends.  They are sporadic, but patient anglers are catching fish. You will need to move around a bit as the schools are small and constantly moving. Fish are in all depths, but the best ones are hitting around 8’.   Sassy shads, Sea Shads, Tooth Ache spoons and live bait all are producing fish.


This is the time to get out and catch the big ones up to 2 lbs. They've fed and grown all winter and are gorging baits, preparing for the spawn. Schools are still deep, but will move into shallower waters as soon as we get a warm trend. Use 2" grubs, small and meduim minnows 1/8 or 1/4 oz spoons.

Water temps in the upper 40’s to very low 50’s 540 967 3313

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