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Fishing Report



   STRIPERS:  Summer patterns will continue through this month with plenty of schools roaming the main lake regions of the lake. As soon as the nights begin to cool there will be a bait migration to the backs of the creeks and the Stripers will turn on in very shallow water.  Your depth finder will be the key in locating the schools which are holding primarily over 25 to 35 foot flats. Anglers trolling deep diving Redfins, DD-22 and LEC 15 are catching plenty of fish. Occasionally in low light times of the day smaller Stripers will chase bait to the surface where top water baits like Spooks, Pencil Poppers and Pop R’s attract vicious strikes. Stripers are moving into the current at the third dike and will also feed on the top water baits well. As the fish move into the backs of creeks swim baits work well especially the Sea Shad and Sassy Shad worked on 3/8 to oz heads. Top water Redfins also will take the larger Stripers waked across the surface.  Still some of the best catches have been on live bait. Stripers are feeding heavily on Herring when they are schooled. When the fish feed shallower Gizzard Shad pulled behind Water Bugz planner boards will produce the larger fish.
   BASS : The bass are staying shallower than normal due the the cool summer, however, some fish are still relating to deeper structures where bait is present still in a summer pattern. Mainlake points, humps, roadbeds,  brush and rock piles and bridges hold the bass now with numerous techniques catching fish. Deep diving crankbaits are working well along with jigs tipped with worms. Bass are being caught on the top of roadbeds and  ledges in Rose Valley, on top in the mouth of Contrary over schools of small Threadfin Shad,  over the older fish structures that were  put into the lake years ago, and all the uplake  bridges. Marina docks are also holding nice Bass.  Small shallow running crankbaits worked near stumps next to the shallow channels will put nice fish in the boat too. Topwater baits will also catch nice bass in low light times of the day.

   CRAPPIE: Plenty of Crappie holding on all the bridge pilings uplake and on brush piles in 10 to 20 feet of water. Very nice Crappie are being caught on docks that have lights on them at night. Uplake the Crappie are moving back up under shallower docks with structure or brush under the docks.

   CATFISH: The Cats love this water temperature and can be caught basically everywhere there is bait present. Work areas less than 25 feet deep and use your favorite bait. Live bait has been producing some larger than normal Catfish fished near the bottom over 25 foot flats.

Lake Anna Striper Guide Service   540 967 3313




McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Forecast

Lake Anna, VA - Lake Anna

 Water temperatures are 85 with
excellent striper and good bass fishing available. Here’s what you can
expect on your next visit.
Guide C.C. McCotter notes the excessive rains of May and early June
keep the lake cool and the fish slightly behind schedule, however
recent 95-degree days have bass, striper and crappie just about where
they should be for this time of the year.
“We had to wait about two weeks for the annual topwater frenzy, but
it eventually arrived in mid-June.

Largemouth Bass - Bass fisherman should enjoy a month of shallow
water topwater fishing in the morning and then worm fishing and
crankbaiting during the day. Target bass mostly in the
lower, up lake region and up lake region. Buzzbaits,
topwater poppers, a dog-walking lure and a soft plastic jerkbait are
good early. Switch over to shaky head worms and medium running
crankbaits during the day. Fish around willow grass early and then
back off and fish rocks, brush piles and channel bends with either
when the sun gets high in the sky.
The Bandit 200 crankbait in white with chartreuse belly has been a
consistent producer on Lake Anna since it was first made. A six to
seven-inch shaky worm like the Berkley Power Shakey worm. in the
green pumpkin or cherryseed colors and a good shaky head like the
Dave’s Tournament Tackle  Screwball Shakey should keep
you busy.
Striper - Striper fishing has been outstanding  with large
schools of fish from the 208 bridge up to the Rose Valley and Stubbs
Bridge regions. Trolling the deep diving Redfin (color CD917) with a
grub or shad dropper tied about three feet off the middle hook eye is
good as is trolling umbrella or multi-arm rigs with about a two-ounce
inline trolling sinker. Vertical jigging a Toothache or Hammer Spoon
is also producing striper now.
Live blue back herring fished on down lines can provide limits in
mere minutes if you find the fish. Fishing 25-34’ flats near the main
river channel is the key. Don’t set your baits too deep or all you’ll
catch are catfish.
Crappie - Crappie fishing is consistent around bridges, brush piles
and rocks in the up lake region. Small minnows on slip bobbers are
your best bet. If you want to target a citation, McCotter suggests
you throw a small, deep diving crankbait like a Norman Deep Little N
around up lake rock piles on a seven-foot spinning rod.

C. C. McCotter



  Now that  the new moon has past the rest of the spawn is now pretty much over.  Fish are off the beds, but because of the cooler weather they are staying in fairly shallow water gorging themselves with small bait and spawning blue gills. Now is the time to be throwing  poppers, buzzbaits or any type insect bait will work.  Bass are also chasing faster moving baits such as crankbaits and swimbaits and shakey worms.  Duo Shad #59, Paycheck Repo Man, and Mega Bass lures are all working well.



  Most of the fish have settled from the power plant  up past the splits to the next set of bridges.   Fish shallow in low light, deeper in bright light.  Most fish will stay in the upper water column 5-12' early then move deeper in the afternoon.  Fish have been found as deep as 25' in some areas.  Sassy shad, sea shad, toothe-ache spoons, as well as live bait are producing many nice fish.  Trolling has also been very effective, using rigs and Cordell Redfins or DD-22.



  Their spawn is over too, but bluegill/sunfish spawn is beginning.  Live worms and very small poppers will do the trick around boat docks and bulk heads.  Crappie are reschooling and moving to deeper structure and bridges.  Minnow and 2" grubs will produce some nice slabs.


Water temps in the upper 70’s to low 80’s





Late May


The first batch of spawner has finished as the females have pulled off the beds and are feeding heavily, especially from mid lake and down.   The males are staying in shallow water protecting the fry.  Fish aggressively covering lots of water from 2-10’ deep.  Suspending jerkbaits (hard or soft body) and slow sinking Spro swimbaits along with Senkos are working well.  Very good topwater action early and late in the day using buzzbaits  and poppers.  The upper end still has spawners so use creature type baits in spawning areas 3-12’ deep, hula grubs, baby brushhogs and crawfish.  Grass beds at the Splits and up lake in the North Anna have been producing some great catches.


Fish are scattered all over the lake, but the best producing areas are from the splits to the bridges.  Pull planner boards rigged with the largest live bait you can find over flats, points and humps in water less than 20 feet. As the water warms to above 75* the fish will convert to smaller baits and also retreat to deeper flats where they will school in large numbers. Now is a good time to catch fish on top water (in low light conditions) on lures like Pencil Poppers, Redfins , Spooks and chuggars. Hit main lake points early and late in the day for explosive strikes. Trollers will start to catch more fish as the water warms later in the month.

CRAPPIE: Crappie have spawned and are headed for deeper waters [10 to 20 feet]. Rock ledges, brush piles and bridge pilings will hold catchable fish. Crappie may not be as easy to catch when they were shallow but once you locate them they will be schooled in larger numbers. Traditional small jigs tipped with small tubes and grubs long with small and medium minnows work well.


Late March


The upper and lower ends are producing the most fish right now.  Spinnerbaits, jigs, and deep suspending jerkbaits seem to be the bait of choice for anglers. Some fish are moving up to warm surface waters and feeding on bait in the afternoons, however because of the colder than normal weather most have been staying deep. Tr y to fish points, flats, and dropoffs 8-15’ deep, don't worry about structure, docks, etc. Big fish and good numbers 4 fish over 5 lbs; 2 over 6 lbs and one 7 lb


Schools all over the lake, but just like the bass the best areas are the upper and ower ends.  They are sporadic, but patient anglers are catching fish. You will need to move around a bit as the schools are small and constantly moving. Fish are in all depths, but the best ones are hitting around 8’.   Sassy shads, Sea Shads, Tooth Ache spoons and live bait all are producing fish.


This is the time to get out and catch the big ones up to 2 lbs. They've fed and grown all winter and are gorging baits, preparing for the spawn. Schools are still deep, but will move into shallower waters as soon as we get a warm trend. Use 2" grubs, small and meduim minnows 1/8 or 1/4 oz spoons.

Water temps in the upper 40’s to very low 50’s 540 967 3313

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