Recent Catches

Bill, Bill, Caden, and Steve had a great morning with Jim Hemby
Brooks Noble 5 lber
Tim, Kevin, and Carlos "yes they do bite in the rain"
Randy Durrett 22 1/4 in. 5 lb 6 oz
Glen Vico & grandson Aidan with some Good Ones!

father and son had a good morning MLAGS
 Glenn Vico and friend with some nice slabs
 David Cook Linden,Va 23 1/2 lbs 39 1/2 ins
 Jeremy Olson  5 3/4 lbs 22 1/4 ins
 Steve Phillips 16 3/4 lbs 34 ins

Fern Ward of Shenandoah 1 1/2 lbs 15 1/2 ins
 Garnett Cleaton of Black Creek Va. 2lbs 2oz 15 inches
Kevin Clarke 2 lbs 2oz 15 1/8 inches
Tim & Deirdre
 Harvey, Rodger, and Tim  big fish 13lbs
Doug & Glen With a hand full of Crappie
2lbs 4oz
21 in Dean Jarrell
2lb 8oz nice citation Daren pilkenton
 Bill Thompson 5 3/4lbs 20 3/4 in
 Mike Coleman 7 1/2 lbs 23"
 daren pilkenton 2lbs 15 1/4"
 Glenn Vico 18 1/2lbs released
Nice stringer
 Michael & Craig found e'm biting
Mike Heatwole 7lbs
5 lber
Daren pilkenton
Glen Vico with 3 massive slabs
Earl Toole 2 1/4 & 1 3/4 lbs

Craig Allen
April Fools day these guys sure fooled the Crappie
Rick Atkins 8 1/4 lbs
       Glen Vico with 2 of the25 he kept today
 Ryan Perry 2 lbs
Joe Desper 16" 2lbs 12oz


Danny Gomez of Greenville with a citation Slab

2 citations for these lucky anglers

Ken Bridges  23" 4 lbs 4oz Saugeye

Glen & Doug with 52 lbs of Striper big fish 15-1/2 lbs

Glen Vico 18 lbs12 oz 35 1/2 in.

Vico 14 lb.s

Lisa & Jeff Depuy 15 lber & 9 1/2 lber

Ray Hairfield 14 1/4 lbs 34 in

Richard Stone 10 lb 8 oz monster bass

Richard Stone & Rick Jarrell

Roy Cooley Sassano 6 3/4 lbs  22 1/4 in

Glenn Vico with a 16 1/4 lb beast

5 nice fish 2 over 5 lb.s wish I had got his name

Jim Dunkin and Brooks Noble with a fine limit

Ace and John on black friday

Glen vico had so many crappie Emily had help him hold e'm

Glen Vico with a limit of striper

Gerard Campbell had good day with McCotter 3 Fish Over 15" WOW
Tim and his buddy with their limit!
Lewis Williams and Phil Harris with a 20+ bag and 9 lb 8 oz big fish.  Congrats!

Jim hembys crew

man that bar looks heavy

John Jones 8lbs 2 oz  22 1/4

Chris Honetcutt 22 1/4  6 3/4lbs

The following are photos from the Friday Tournament FishOff 9-26-15

Greg and Jim were working on Jims new motor, somehow they wound up fishing

Jim Hemby Guide Service
Kip Hall and crew
Lewis Williams and crew
Glen Vico with a 5.75 lb hog
Chris Burley does it again 29 lb. bluecat
Stuart, Allan, Louis, and Don had a
good day with Jim Hemby
Alan Sullivan 8 3/4 and 7

Brian and Greg Beeamer

Dean Jarrell and Dad

The Goochland Boys

Tyler Demers 7 1/2

Rick and Alan

Eric & Samuel Johnson 15 incher plus many more nice slabs

Eric with a 13 inch citation white perch

Rods were bending for big fish Lew

Eric Johnson 6lb2oz 22 1/4 in. released

Mike Coleman put it on em