Recent Catches

 Leewood F. Davis Sr. 37"  and 20lbs 4 oz caught on a lure casting way to go that is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations
 Timothy O'Connor 23 1/2 7 lbs
Lewis Williams 
Vico with a little help from Emily and those crappie 2 citations up to 16 1/2 "
 this was 2 weeks ago ramp is clear , the weather has broke, and the fishing is on fire!
Eric Johnson 24 lbs big fish 7 lb.s
Eric & Samuel Johnson 25 lbs 5 oz big fish 7lbs 23 1/2 "
Eric Johnson 27  3/4 lbs big fish 8lbs 23" and Nate showed up just in time to help hold em

Vico says the Crappie fishing is on Fire ! peeking in his livewell I believe it

Edwin Pinto with MLAGS

Dave Peters with a Giant Crappie

Andy Willie With some beauties

Vico and Phil and the look on Phils face says it all !  must have been a good day

Vico and friend had a mess of Slabs

the Goocland Boys starting December off Right with a 13

Rich and Ken had a nice stringer with MLAGS

Larry D Ragland Jr. 15 1/4 lbs 34in. Nice work landing that Hog !

Vico  with some nice ones

stripers in the snow

Glen sure knows how to find the slabs! 

Glen Vico

                                                     Jeremy Heavener 15 1/4'  1 7/8 lbs
Mickey Wiese

Larry, Jr ,Ben, and Michael

Lauren, Janet, Ron, and Corey    Tony's crew

Andrew, Kara, James, and Joe     Jim Hemby's crew

Lake Anna is Rockin        Tony's crew from sun.

McCotter's guide service has their hands full these days

Guide Chris McCotter and Willie Mitchell had a great day on the lake

Danny Gomez of Greenville with a citation Slab

2 citations for these lucky anglers

Ken Bridges  23" 4 lbs 4oz Saugeye

Glen & Doug with 52 lbs of Striper big fish 15-1/2 lbs

Glen Vico 18 lbs12 oz 35 1/2 in.

Vico 14 lb.s

Lisa & Jeff Depuy 15 lber & 9 1/2 lber

Ray Hairfield 14 1/4 lbs 34 in

Richard Stone 10 lb 8 oz monster bass

Richard Stone & Rick Jarrell

Roy Cooley Sassano 6 3/4 lbs  22 1/4 in

Glenn Vico with a 16 1/4 lb beast

5 nice fish 2 over 5 lb.s wish I had got his name

Jim Dunkin and Brooks Noble with a fine limit

Ace and John on black friday

Glen vico had so many crappie Emily had help him hold e'm

Glen Vico with a limit of striper

Gerard Campbell had good day with McCotter 3 Fish Over 15" WOW
Tim and his buddy with their limit!
Lewis Williams and Phil Harris with a 20+ bag and 9 lb 8 oz big fish.  Congrats!

Jim hembys crew

man that bar looks heavy

John Jones 8lbs 2 oz  22 1/4

Chris Honetcutt 22 1/4  6 3/4lbs

The following are photos from the Friday Tournament FishOff 9-26-15

Greg and Jim were working on Jims new motor, somehow they wound up fishing

Jim Hemby Guide Service
Kip Hall and crew
Lewis Williams and crew
Glen Vico with a 5.75 lb hog
Chris Burley does it again 29 lb. bluecat
Stuart, Allan, Louis, and Don had a
good day with Jim Hemby
Alan Sullivan 8 3/4 and 7

Brian and Greg Beeamer

Dean Jarrell and Dad

The Goochland Boys

Tyler Demers 7 1/2

Rick and Alan

Eric & Samuel Johnson 15 incher plus many more nice slabs

Eric with a 13 inch citation white perch

Rods were bending for big fish Lew

Eric Johnson 6lb2oz 22 1/4 in. released

Mike Coleman put it on em