McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report


Lake Anna, Va. – Get ready for the transition into early summer fishing in the coming weeks as the spawns are finishing up and the feeding frenzy approaching. With surface temperatures near 70 in most places around the lake here’s what you can expect on your next visit.


Largemouth Bass –The second spawn is underway mid and up lake with many fish shallow. Up lake is clearing after muddying from earlier rains so spinnerbaits, soft plastic jerkbaits, topwaters and buzzbaits are effective as sight fishing is still tricky from the first two bridge on up. Mid lake bass are both spawning and finished spawning and the herring spawn has also begun. Sight fishing is possible with small jigs like the Dave’s Tournament Tackle Finesse, wacky-rigged worms, lizards and drop shot rigs. You can also target post spawn bass with topwaters and soft plastic jerkbaits. These fish tend to be on main lake points and shorelines where herring spawn at night. Down lake bass are mostly done with spawning and can be targeted with wacky—rigged worms, soft plastic jerkbaits and topwaters.


Striper –Dike III continues to be good, where herring are spawning and large schools of striper feed in the morning on topwaters. Fish also continue to feed around the power plant.  Topwaters (Redfins and Spooks) and soft plastic jerkbaits are good early. Live bait and swimbaits are good as the fish move out of the shallows during the day.


Crappie – An odd spring for the specs.  Not many fish in the shallows as most stayed in deeper water due to sporatic weather patterns.  All regions of the lake have crappie, but they are scattered and on deeper structure like docks, brush and select beaver huts.