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Lake Anna Striper Guide Service 

STRIPERS:  HOT…Not only has the weather been hot so far this month but the Striper fishing has been hotter than previous years. Stripers have migrated to the mid lake regions and are aggressively feeding on 25 to 40 foot flats gorging themselves on blue back Herring. There are literally hundreds of schools of Stripers roaming the lake now and good electronics are crucial in locating and staying on the schools.  Some good techniques to try now are as follows:
Top water action can be excellent. In the low light times of the day the stripers will bust Spooks, Pencil Poppers and Redfins worked near the deeper banks and over humps. When the Stripers back off to deeper flats Sea Shads, Sassy Shads and Swim Baits counted down to the depth you see fish and retrieved through the schools will work well. Once the fish congregate nearby the bottom jigging spoons and Super Flukes will also catch fish. Trolling is a good option this time of year, the main consideration is to put your baits in the part of the water column where the Stripers are. Deep diving Redfins with a bucktail, Norman DD-22, and Bandit Deep are all great choices for trollers. 
The best way to catch Stripers  is to use live bait;  Herring or minnows rigged on downlines putting the baits in the Stripers face. It is important to get the bait to the exact depth to maximize your catches. Even when you encounter breaking fish downlines worked nearby the fish will usually produce nicer Stripers, the smaller fish working the top part of the water column with the larger fish being underneath them.


BASS: The Bass have retreated to deeper water to replenish their energy. The Bass will still feed in low light conditions and will hit top water baits with vengeance, a Pop R being a great example. Work these baits with slow rhythmic chuggs giving the Bass time to locate and blow up on the bait. June is a great month to work the old Carolina Rig with Lizzards or your favorite rubber bait, a lot of water can be covered quickly to locate Bass. Swimbaits will also catch very nice Bass this month.

CRAPPIE: The slabs have pulled out and are being caught on deeper points with brushpiles and on the deeper bridge pilings in the 10 to 20 foot ranges. They continue to hit small minnows and jigs . The fish are also stacking up on ledges in the rivers in the 8 to 15 foot depths.  Crappie rigs [two hook rigs] tipped with minnows are deadly this month. Simply lower your offerings to the depth of the fish and once you start catching doubles mark your line at that depth and fill your cooler up.

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