McCotter’s Lake Anna Guide Service Fishing Report


Early Summer Lake Anna Fishing Report


Lake Anna, VA - It's a great time to fish Lake Anna, you just have to take advantage of those beautiful early mornings when fish are often feeding aggressively or fish in the evenings when things start to cool down again a bit. Water temperatures were still a little cool at 80-85 degrees.


For largemouth bass, fish mid lake using a lot of topwater baits like Pop-R, Spooks and Jr Spooks. Follow that up with a 4.75”, split belly Fitt Premium Lures River Darter and then a Missile Baits Shockwave 3.5. Target schools where shallow touches deep water or back in tributaries where you find baitfish.  When bass stop hitting near the surface, switching to a shaky head worm and fishing structure 15-20’ deep with help you follow the fish. Bass action might switch to the up lake region this month and anglers should use mid-depth running crankbaits and shaky head worms on rocks in 6-14’ of water in the upper Pamunkey Branch and North Anna River side of the lake.  You can also pitch worms and creature baits to shallow willow grass and docks in the upper ends of the lake if that’s more your style and catch bass now. Find cool water and you will find shad and bass up lake.


Striper and wiper have been schooled from the marinas to just past the splits for a month. Get on your big motor and watch your depth finder for schools at the mouths of creeks like Contrary, Mitchell, Pigeon and Marshall. They should be following bait into lower, up lake regions like Big Ben Flats, Rose Valley and just below Stubbs Bridge.  The fish will often feed on shallow banks and points next to deep water, the stretch from the mouth of Pigeon Run up to The Splits is often good, early in the morning. Some fish might also seek refuge in the deep, less busy waters from Dike 1 to Duke’s Creek.  You can cast topwaters, swimbaits and soft plastic jerkbaits to them if you find them swirling, then employ KT Slab/Toothache spoons for some flutter spooning and vertical jigging when they move deep.


Trolling CD9 deep diving Redfins with a three-inch swimbait dropper off the middle hook is another way to catch deep striper now. You can also use a multi-arm rig or umbrella rig tipped with swimbaits as long as you are able to get it down to 20+ feet. The Bandit Walleye Deep plug has been a local favorite for striper trolling and can be found on the shelves at High Point Marina.

If you want to fool with catching live herring, a bait tank of them fished on down lines is often a good way to limit out quickly once you find the fish.  


Crappie fishing is best up lake now. Fish deep structure near channel bends from the first two bridges on up and you’ll find crappie and white perch a plenty. On a calm day you can use a 1/8 or 116 jig head and straight tail offering like a Bobby Garland Baby Shad. On breezy days you’ll want to get a couple dozen small minnows and use slip bobbers. Bridge pilings also hold fish now.


Snakeheads can be targeted in the willow grass lined shores and coves from The Splits on up into the North Anna where grass is thickest. They like soft plastic jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and topwaters. Don't overlook the bowfishing opportunity that also present.