McCotter’s Lake Anna April Fishing Forecast


Lake Anna, Va. - As water temperatures approach 60 degrees throughout the lake anglers are preparing for some of the best fishing of the year at Lake Anna. Here’s a forecast for the major species.


Bass - Each of the three areas of the lake is fishing differently: down lake, mid lake and up lake. Do not fish them the same. Down lake bass will spawn soon in creeks like Duke’s and Valentines and other pockets protected from the north wind. Look for beds in 2-5’ of water around docks and on stumps. Use Neko rig, Fitt River Darter jerkbaits and drop shorted small baits. Mid lake bass will spawn later in the mouth in creeks like Sturgeon, Hairfield, Hackney, the mouth of Contrary, sir iPigeon Creek, Mitchell and Marshall. You can pitch them drop shots or small creature baits As well as top waters at month’s end. Up lake bass are mostly in shallower water like main lake pocket, especially around Biggs Creek. You can use crankbait, swimbait, spinnerbait and slow way down. Pitching a jig to rocks, docks and patchy willow grass also good now up lake.


Striper - Up lake is where most striper are being caught by anglers using suspending jerkbaits and swimbaits. Cast either right to the banks early and late and on cloudy days. Native live bait like live herring and gizzard shad fished on side planets, cork lines and free lines is producing well. Hot zones should be the section of the upper Pamunkey Branch above Stubbs Bridge and above the Rt 719 bridge in the North Anna.


Crappie - Some fish are spawning in  the upper end of the lake and more will start soon. Target them on shallow wood, rocks docks and willow grass. Good areas include the North Anna from Rose Valley on up and around Stubbs Bridge and the S Turns in the Pamunkey Branch. Mid lake crappie will spawn at the end of April. You’ll find them on docks and willow grass in creeks like Pigeon, Marshall and Sturgeon.