Late Summer Lake Anna Fishing Report


McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service September 2022 Fishing Report


Lake Anna, Va. - Water temperatures are falling, baitfish are schooled and Lake Anna's bass, striper, wiper, crappie and white perch are preparing for fall feast. Currently the lake ranges from 80-86 degrees and that will fall into the 70s for most of the lake except for down at the Dike 3 discharge this month. This will trigger a push to shallower water by baitfish and the game fish will follow. Here's what to expect on your next visit.


Largemouth Bass - The mid lake region continues to fish better than up lake and down lake combined. Herring and young-of-the-year threadfin shad are here in vast schools and the bass are nearby. Mid lake is the region from The Splits down to the power plant, so you have plenty of water to cover. You can target bass here using topwater Pop R, Zara Spooks or Fitt Riverdarters. Look for fish to be where deep water touches shallow. Long, main lake points are best. Creeks like Pigeon (hydrilla is present), Marshall, Mitchell, Contrary, Freshwater (hydrilla is present) and Sturgeon have their own schools you can target when conditions are right. Spinnerbaits, small crankbaits, the topwater and Riverdarters are good. You can also target bass soon on docks in this region using Stanley style jigs. Up lake bass have been tricky but they should be on rocky points in the upper Pamunkey Branch and willing to hit a crankbait or worm. North Anna bass tend to relate more to willow grass and SAV like hydrilla growing in Gold Mine Creek. Lily pads at the top of the North Anna can be good, too, but a long ride from the 208 region! Down lake bass are in vast schools from Dike 1 to Dike 3 usually on a hump, cove or point where baitfish are present. You'll see them breaking on calm mornings. Try a Super Fluke  rigged on a  wide gap hook or small, bone popper.


Striper/Wiper - Many small fish are schooled from the power plant down to Duke's Creek. More are from Dike 2 to Dike 3. The current outage will cease at the end of September and the current flow will again position fish more predictably in this region. Mid lake striper/wiper are from Mitchell Creek up to The Splits. Up lake striper are around Jetts Island and Big Ben Flats. Vertical jigging and fluttering a Tooth Ache or Capt. Mack's Super Spoon should be good when you see deep fish on the depth finder, otherwise use a walking topwater, Riverdarter or swimbait. In the past, there has been a fall migration of striper/wiper into the up lake region. We'll see if the baitfish call the fish up lake this year. If so, expect good action early and late from Rose Valley up to the first bridge.


Crappie - Up lake docks, rocks and brush will come alive again this month. Bridge pilings and submerged bridges are good places to catch crappie, too. If you took the time to drop brush back in February, now is the time freckles begin to gather on it. 2" straight tail jigs on 1/16-oz. heads can be effective fished on six-pound test line.

Good luck and hope to see you on the water or in one of our boats!