McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Early Fall Fishing Forecast


Lake Anna, VA - Cooler weather has arrived and the transition period for the lake has started.  Water temperatures are cooling quickly into the upper 70s now.  Here's what you can expect on your next visit.


Largemouth Bass - Small threadfin shad are everywhere and that makes it tough to catch a bass on a big bait. If you can find bass eating crawdads, bluegills, herring or gizzard shad you'll find bigger bass. The up lake region where this usually occurs the best. Check the backs of creeks, all the way up lake on either side.  A shallow diving crankbait is effective now when bass are chasing bait. A Tiger Shad Lake Anna Special is effective when they are holding on grass and ambushing a foot or so off of it. Pitch a 1/4-oz finesse jig to the grass or docks if nothing else works. Mid lake bass tend to follow herring into creeks.  Soft plastic jerkbaits like a Fitt River Darter or Zoom Super Fluke are good when you see them chasing bait. Down lake bass are schooled on bait in the backs of creeks like Levy, Duke's Fishermens, Boggs. Topwaters and swimbaits are best there.


Striper & Wiper - Fish are moving up lake on their annual migration. You'll find the most keepers from The Splits all the way up into the top of each branch. Swimbaits, topwaters and soft plastic jerkbaits are your best bets. Hot spots should be Rose Valley, Jetts Island and just above Stubbs Bridge until the fish move further up lake. Trolling and jigging are still productive until early in the fall. Some fish will remain in the down lake region from Dike I to Dike 2 and at the Dike 3 discharge but these are mostly smaller fish.


Crappie - All bridge pilings are holding fish now if you are the first to fish them. All that brush you dropped back in February should have them, too. The best depths will be 12-18' in the lower, up lake region and 5-10' in the up lake region. Brush piles are the best, rocks are good as are certain up lake docks. 2" jigs on 1/8 and 1/16-oz. jig heads are good on 6-lb. test as are small minnows fished under slip bobbers.  Please refrain from keeping any crappie under 10" and try and rotate your fishing spots so our freckles remain plentiful and grow large!


Good luck and see you on the water or at HighPoint Marina!