Summer Lake Anna Fishing Report


McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service


Lake Anna, VA - As we slip into the hottest part of the summer, fishing at Lake Anna transitions. Water temperatures range from 78 in the headwaters to 88 at the Dike 3 discharge. Young of the year baitfish abound. Shallow bass will be more difficult to find now (but they can still be found) and anglers should turn their efforts to deeper structure and the up lake region. Striper and wipers congregate in vast schools, roaming the mid and lower lake feeding voraciously at times, doing absolutely nothing at other times to avoid heatstroke. Small crappie are abundant but 12+ inch fish are too, if you know where to look or spent time creating brush piles in late winter. Here's what you can expect for a summer visit in the coming weeks.


Largemouth Bass - Schooling action down and mid lake with more fish down lake (if you can find them) and most feeding on young of the year threadfin shad and blueback herring. If you see large herring being blown out of the water, you are on a school of bigger fish. Generally the larger the bait, the larger the fish and the fewer in the school. FITT Premium Lures Riverdarters, Missile Baits Shockwave 3.5 swimbaits, a bone Pop-R, a Super Spook, Jr. and small multi-arm rigs are best for these schooling bass. Up lake bass will often engulf a medium diving crankbait F scraped along the numerous rockpiles on channel bends located in the upper Pamunkey Branch, the North Anna River arm and Terry's Run. You can also worm fish the same spots if the plug doesn't activate the fish. There could be some headwater action far up the tributaries as well. You fish these areas like you would a river - jigs, spinnerbaits and worms.


Striper/Wiper - Most of the keeper fish are schooled from just above The Splits down to Dike I - a pretty big area. Hotspots have been Big Ben Flats, in front of the State Park Beach, the mouth of Pigeon Creek and the entire 208 region just above and below the bridge and around Dike 1. You can cast to breaking fish with topwaters and swimbaits or jig fish on the depth finder. Some like to troll plugs and multi-arm rigs. Others prefer live bait. All tactics have their place, though trolling, jigging and casting will be better as the fish are forced to move around in the water column to find suitable oxygen content and bait. Keep in mind, wiper are more active in hot, summer water. High Point Marina has an excellent selection of striper/wiper fishing gear including spoons, trolling plugs and multi-arm rigs.


Crappie - It's a little fish bonanza out there if you are bridge piling angler. Brushpiles near channels, though, is where you'll find the slabs this summer. The best depths now are 18-24' mid lake and 10-15' up lake. Small jigs are best as it's darn tricky to keep minnows alive for long when the water is 86 degrees.