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McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Late Fall Fishing Report/Forecast


Overview - Lake Anna is about a foot low and clear in most areas. Water temperatures vary, but average in the low 60’s and dropping rapidly. The annual migration of baitfish out of the up lake region has begun and gulls are indicating where to fish.


Largemouth Bass - Green fish are schooled in the mid and down lake regions over humps and points where shallow water is close to deep. Some fish are cruising the shallows and holding on docks but many more are schooled on bait. Swimbaits (Fitt Lures Lake Anna Shiner), topwaters, soft plastic jerkbaits and spoons (Toothe Ache) are good now in both areas. Up lake fish are on shallow structure likes rocks, docks, brush piles on channel bends and willow grass lines. Here you can target bass using spinnerbaits (Dave’s Tournament Tackle Tiger Shad), jigs, creature baits and crankbaits.


Striped Bass & Wiper - Still some fish can still be had around Dike 3 and the dam area but the fishing has been better up lake around the first two bridges (just above and below). Some fish are also feeding now above Tim's in the North Anna River branch of the lake on shallow points and banks. Look for gulls to help point you in the right direction. Start with swimbaits early then follow the fish deeper using spoons (KT Shad/Toothache) either vertically jigged or flutter-spooned. This is one of the best times of the year to catch either fish on a casted lure. 


Crappie - Fish are shallow until the next cold spell (coming very soon!). Then they will head a bit deeper on main creek or main lake structure and remain in large schools until truly cold water forces them deeper to linger around schools of threadfin shad. Some good fishing exists in the upper North Anna and Pamunkey Branch now if you know where to find brush or rocks in 8-14' of water. Please don't over-harvest small crappie. A 10" fish is all we keep, and I encourage you to do the same this season so together we can grow our trophy freckle fishery.

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