McCotter's Lake Anna Summer Fishing Report/Forecast

Lake Anna, Va. - Water temperatures and use of the lake are currently up significantly as we moved deeper into summer. Visitors can expect 80-90 degrees main lake and 90-100+ on the WHTF. Water level on the main lake is approximately 4" down and dropping about an inch every few days due to evaporation and scant rainfall. Here's what you can expect on a visit for the next 30 or so days.

Largemouth Bass - Good bass fishing if you are willing to get out and do what it takes. Up lake bass are on rocky points and will take crankbaits and worms. Push into the headwaters if water levels permit and you'll find fish seeking thermal refuge in cooler water. The Pamunkey Branch is fishing a bit better than the North Anna this summer. Mid lake fish are schooled deep near points, humps and underwater structures. They will push bait to the surface from time to time and you can cast to them using a variety of baitfish imitation offerings like swimbaits, a Fitt River Darter, a topwater or small crankbait. Fish that aren't schooled and feeding can be probed with a shaky head worm on structure 16-22' down. Down lake fish are schooled around young-of-the-year baitfish. Use small lures to catch them on humps and points with current.

Striped Bass - After July 4 many of the fish in The Splits region broke up and headed elsewhere. Some are near the 208 bridge, some have ventured into Contrary Creek, others are down lake from Dike I down to Dukes Creek, some remain around The Splits. Trolling deep diving plugs with a swimbait dropper has been the most consistent method of catching them. At times you can also vertically jig them with a Toothache spoon. Live bait catches have begun to tail off as the fish are suspending and moving around a lot due to intense fishing pressure. Don't be afraid to try new areas in deep water and keep an eye on your depth finder.

Crappie - Good crappie fishing exists if you can get your bait below the hordes of white perch. We are catching numbers of big fish on the brush piles we dropped back in late February and on other deep water structure and occasionally on bridge pilings that haven't been hammered daily. 20-30' depths are the best in the mid lake region. Up lake you can fish shallower but you will catch more small fish.


Good luck and we hope to see you on the water or share a boat with you. 

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